Learning POS Management Tool


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$ sudo $POS_MGMT_HOME /m9k/install_all.sh

# 1. installs dependent libraries such as libcurl, influxdb, kapacitor, chronograf, nginx-common, libnginx-mod-http-echo, and nginx-light from local deb packages ("nas") or internet ("apt")
# 2. starts up dependent services such as influxdb, chronograf, and kapacitor
# 3. configures and restarts nginx ``# 4. configures env variables for influxdb configuration such as retention policy, query config, and logging level


POS management tool is built as a set of processes, all of which can be run by a single bash script:

$ sudo $POS_MGMT_HOME /m9k/run_all.sh

# 1. cleans up the previous deployment of dagent at /usr/local/dagent and redeploys it
# 2. cleans up the previous deployment of magent at /var/log/m9k, restarts influxdb, and redeploys magent
# 3. restarts influxdb, kapacitor, and start-iBofMtool (i..e, mtool)

Once all of the processes start up to run, you could access the GUI tool.


The following will stop the services and delete their soft-links:

# disable and remove mtool
$ sudo systemctl disable start-iBofMtool.service
$ sudo systemctl stop start-iBofMtool.service
$ sudo rm -f /usr/local/m9k

# disable and remove dagent
$ sudo systemctl disable dagent.service
$ sudo systemctl stop dagent
$ sudo rm -f /usr/local/dagent

# disable and remove magent
$ sudo systemctl disable magent.service
$ sudo systemctl stop magent
$ sudo rm -f /usr/local/magent

The following will stop the dependent services:

$ sudo service kapacitor stop
$ sudo service influxdb stop


The management IP and port of nginx can be set as follows:

$ sudo vi /etc/nginx/conf.d/virtual.conf
$ sudo service nginx reload

Upon RUNIBOFOS http call, m9k executes ~/m9k/dagent/script/run_os.sh to start up POS. The bash command has a hard-coded path to the application binary, which is /root/workspace/ibofos by default. You could replace root_dir variable with the actual path if it differs from the default value.

Integrating with External Application

POS management tool provides REST APIs to help workflow automation. The whole set of the APIs is documented at REST API with sample inputs/outputs captured at the following:

  • $POS_MGMT_HOME/m9k/dagent/postman/D-Agent.postman_collection.json
  • $POS_MGMT_HOME/m9k/dagent/postman/D-Agent.postman_environment.json

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