Flash Memory Summit 2022

Flash Memory Summit 2022

PoseidonOS: An Innovative Open Source Storage System and Its Exploration using Trident

With the popularity of NVMe SSDs, NVMe-oF interface is becoming important in a disaggregated datacenters. However, it is non-trivial to fully utilize large numbers of high-performance and high-capacity NVMe SSDs, especially for PCIe Gen5. In this talk, we will share our lesson learned where we developed PoseidonOS which is NVMe-oF reference solution open-sourced last year. In particular, we will introduce the essential features and our choices for NVMe-oF storage system as a building block of a disaggregated datacenter. Also, we will discuss how to leverage PCIe Gen5 system in NVMe-oF storage. Meanwhile we have developed a test tool for NVMe-oF system named Trident. In this talk, we will also discuss about challenges in developing libraries, which help in exploring POS software stack. Also about the design principles applied in order to build the libraries which are simple to use yet powerful. Trident enables trying out complex scenarios using simple test scripts. Test scripts focus on use case whereas details are handled by configuration based core libraries.

Presented by
Sung Kyu Park and Sandeep Agarwal, Samsung Electronics

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