2021 OCP Global Summit

2021 OCP Global Summit

Open Innovation: The Next Step in Memory Evolution

Keynote presented by JY Lee (EVP of Samsung)

The key for data center innovation is through open community and collaboration. Samsung introduced ‘Project Poseidon in 2020, a project based on multi-vendor collaboration. This program not only resulted in a new innovative hardware platform and the worlds first OCP recognized SSD but also in mainline open-source software contributions, both to existing and new projects. The Poseidon offering is just the first step as Samsung is constantly looking for opportunities to enable broader collaborations and community contributions.

In this keynote, Samsung will present why we are investing in Open Innovation, what has been achieved, and how those affect the ecosystem. The presentation will also touch upon recent Samsung innovations in both hardware and software offerings such as EDSFF SSDs, CXL Memory Expander, ZNS SSD, and next version of PoseidonOS. Finally, Samsung will also unveil the next-generation open hardware system that will support variety of new devices.

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