SDC2020: Next-Gen NVMe-oF Reference System: From Media to Network

NVMe-oF, as part of composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) for storage solution, is highly promising as it allows efficient storage architecture by pooling and sharing storage resources while offering high performance and low latency IO at scale. The advent of next-generation architecture which requires more power, higher density, higher throughput, and finer QoS control brings stringent requirements for storage solution. To overcome those challenges, end-to-end optimization from storage media to network is inevitable.

In this talk, we would like to introduce open-source based NVMe-oF reference solution which consists of shared storage sever and user-space software stack. We will discuss a novel server architecture which utilizes the latest PCIe Gen4 based EDSFF SSD form factor. We especially want to discuss why and how the adoption of new SSD form factor can optimize the NVMe-oF solution. Moreover, we will introduce the user-space software stack for NVMe-oF solution that enables high throughput IO and stable QoS control. Finally, we will share our strategies to deliver media-level optimization for NVMe-oF solution.

Learning Objectives Understand NVMe-oF interface,Learn server architecture for PCIe Gen4 based EDSFF SSD form factor,Learn user-space software stack for NVMe-oF

Presented by
Duckho Bae, S/W Architect, Samsung Electronics
Jungsoo Kim, System Architect, Samsung Electronics

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